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Default Ok from work, fails from home

I recently purchased FlashFxp (rather than cute) and have been happily using the system from my portable at work.
Come home and I can still see the websites for ftp but whilst they will download happily, uploading is a hit and mainly miss affair.
The best I have managed is whilst maintaining a background NT command box ftp session, when it works OK.

Usually the first 2k of the file gets transmitted and then it collapses the speed to 0 and fails

FlashFxp v2.1 build 924
O/S win 98 and NT 4 (so not likely a simple OS problem)
Router Netgear DG834 to plusnet ADSL (home 500k and fails)
2mb link to easynet (work... this one is fine)

Any one else had similar problems and is there any way I can get the FlashFxp to work without having a background dos FTP session open?

I suspect the Router or the ADSL network gateway but need to be able to point convincingly if I want anyone to remove digit.
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