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Originally posted by MxxCon
message board were not and are not real time communication mediums.
don't expect to get an instant reply.
it's common curtesy to wait at least 24hours for a reply.

have you tried rebooting your computer, router and dsl modem?
make sure you didn't enable any type of filtering in your router..
have you inadvertantly changed anything in your network settings?
perhaps you should contact your isp, since you are having problems not only with ftp, but also with instant messaging and irc. your isp would know specifics of your connection..
I've tried rebooting my computer, router and dsl modem.
I've also tried playing online through my ps2 network adapter (ethernet), both connected to my router and straight to my dsl modem. Both times worked. So, I'm almost 100% sure it's a problem ON my computer, not the internet connection itself.

Somehow though, I'm not able to use Norton Internet Security either...? (I was able to before...)

It seems like I have SOMETHING blocking my access to other servers, wether it be mIRC, FlashFXP, SmartFTP, or AIM, or Yahoo messenger. It is so odd. If anyone has any kind of idea, it would be sooo helpful. Thank you!
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