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Default No route to host error all of a sudden???


* FlashFXP v[ 2].[1 ], build [924 ], [ ]registered, [ ]unregistered
* OS [ ] Win98
* Running behind NAT/router [ ] Yes & Model [ Linksys BEFW11S4]
* Running firewall [ ] Not sure
* Running Antivirus [ ] No
* Network [ ] xDSL

Ok, so I was playing around in FlashFXP and the next thing i know i cant connect to my xbox. it says

"Connection failed. No route to Host"

I tried connecting to another server, and the exact same thing happened.

This same connection error happens when I try to connect to mIRC and AOL instant messenger and yahoo! messenger...???

I'm still able to browse the internet and post messages, and download files, but for some reason whenever I use those above programs I get the error that there is no route to host...??

"Connection failed. No route to Host" (FlashFXP error message)

I am using a router, but i plugged the ethernet cable DIRECTLY into the dsl modem, and the same problem happened, so that's not it. In fact, I've been using this setup PERFECTLY fine up until a couple hours ago when this whole mess started.

Is there something wrong with my computer? Or is it the very connection itself that all of a sudden became a problem? How in the world do i go about fixing this?
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