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Default flashfxp and firewall

Hi .
I would like some informations ….
2 days ago I installed flashFXP,but I have some problems whit kerio personal firewall.
I know that protocol FTP and its clients(like flashfxp) use only 2 ports 21(out) and 20 (in).
when I connect whit flashfxp, KERIO show an alert message about por 21 out (this is ok)
but then KERIO shows many alert for different many many remote port.. 1235,1424, 1436 4662................(out) bat not(20in)
I DONT LIKE IT (many port is dangerus.......)

Can you help mi to configure (if possibol...) flashfxp to use only 21 out and 20 in ports????

Thanks you


flashFXP by default does it use passive mode or active mode?????


Sorry for my english, Im italian.
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