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Originally posted by Eternity
Not sure where they get that stuff from... Sounds to me like the developers or their friends signed up and posted stuff like that.
it's posted on betanews. there're few morons who lost their tin foil caps and think whole world is spying on them.

Flash has been around for much longer than Ultra if I'm not mistaken.
i have been using flashfxp since around '97-'98...ultrafxp appeared in '02?
Of course, developers/supporters will say that flashfxp doesnt steal your sites, or anything like that, and of course anti-flashfxp will say that it does... no proof by either side to back anything up...
panurgic and thezelda among others on betanews are known warez monkies.
a while ago if flashfxp detected user tried to register with known warez key, flashfxp would open BSA webpage to educate users about software piracy.
but with each new "review" those morons progressively exaggerated this fact and turned it onto "sending sites to charles" then "sending sites to bsa" then "sending sites to fbi" then "use flashfxp to transfer 'magic lantern'"
those losers are just upset that they couldn't find working key.

as for proof...flashfxp have been around for at least 6 years, don't you think if there was anything hidden in flashfxp it wouldn't it be spotted/detected by now?
and like DYN_DaTa mentioned, if you want independent proof, see for yourself..install any network sniffer and monitor flashfxp's traffic. if you are using authentic flashfxp downloaded from it's website(and not some cracked/hacked/modified version with backdoors...i've seen a few "releases" by well known groups that backdoored flashfxp) there won't be anything but the traffic that you told it to generate.
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