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Default Transfering to multiple FTP server...

Hi there!

there's something i would like to do with FlashFXP but know not if i can:
i'm using FlashFXP Version 2.1 Build 924, and am an unregistered user and the time being.

i would like to be able to connect to an "FTP server1" of my choice, upload files on it, and once the upload is completed have FlashFXP to automatically connect to an "FTP Server2", 3, 4 etc
and mirror the files i've just uploaded on the server number 1 to the other one...

can this be done from Flash FXP??

i have 7 Computers that will each have an FTP server running on it, each of them are spread across the country i'm from, they are used for broadcasting, and i need to update the files of these computers...
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