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Default A little trouble...

I'm a new user to flashfxp.

I don't know what I did, but a few days ago I clicked something on flashfxp and when I opened a new session this is what occured

Everytime I open a new session now I end up with it looking like the left one, without anything on it. I can't queue files, transfer, or anything. Clicking on the browse for folder thing yeilds nothing.

Luckily I had two other sessions open at the time I fscked everything up, and I found that as long as I don't close them I can use them as normal. But eventually, I'll have to restart my computer....

Anyone have any idea on how I can fix it? I know I clicked something, I just can't figure out what...

Sorry for the inconvience

FlashFXP v2.1, build 925, unregistered
* OS WinXP
* Running behind NAT/router: Not sure
* Running firewall Yes, note sure which
* Running Antivirus Yes, not sure which
* Network Other: Crappy ADSL
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