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The Connection timeout is set to 60 seconds so that shouldn'r be a problem.

I know the file is skipping and going to next file, I set it to do that and I have no problem with that.

Locally my FTP I run on my network doesn't do it(Raideny FTPD)

The FTP im on now and are having problems with is Windows NT4 FTP, Im going to see if it happens under other FTP daemons now.

WarFTPd 1.70.b01.04:

I just transferred 2 files one 200k and one 800k and the problem did not occour. Speed was about 1-2k a second.

Welcome to PureFTPd 0.97.3:

Transferred to zip files (300 and 600k) with no problems at 5k a second(im dialup)

Although these are not nearly as big as the files I had the problem with before I don't have the time to wait around to get files with that kind of size hehe.

btw in beta 827(the one im using now) when I first installed it the problem went away then slowly came back, not sure why.

I'll see if I can get it happening again on a different FTP and daemons.
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