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Default suggestion for new release: webinterface

hi guys,

firstly: great job u are doing, a very good product! now here is my suggestion: i have always been looking for something with which i might be able to administrate my ftp client with when i am not at home. so something like a webinterface might be nice...comparable to fro example, the edonkey client...and since citrix metaframe would be much too much for one single application i want to have control over, i guess it could also be possible for you...dont know thoughh how other users here think about it...for me it would simply be great to go to any public pc and type in my ip or dyndns and see how my client and the transfer does...and to set up new conncetions or finish them..i wouldnt need great administrational stuff, the ability to start and stop connections in the usual way would be enough...
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