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Originally posted by ibthee

If you need explicit reasons how about getting disconnected or varying bandwidth. Why would you want to upload a bunch of files, get disconnected and lose all the credit you accumulated before downloading anything? Why would you want to start uploading files then wake up the next morning and find you haven't downloaded anything yet because the connection slowed and you are still uploading.

Now are you going to tell me I should calculate the ratio per file and order upload and downloads for a couple hundred files manually? It is nice to queue up a bunch of files to be downloaded, queue up a bunch of files to be uploaded, start the transfer and leave.

In regards to this being asked previously, chill out. I tried out the program, found one thing I need that is missing and made a request after not seeing it on the msg board. Repeated topics are the msg board way. If it disturbs you then the first post on this board or a page on the web site should list common topics/requests and answers.
Sorry I came off as "bugged"...having a bad day at work. I guess because I never use per login ratio sites (i personally think they are LAME) your concerns escaped me. I'm sure bigstar will have a better answer for you...
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