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Originally posted by bRaNcO
well as i made a post sometime ago, all that could be solved with a OnComplete, OnConnected etc events so you could call an external program that would change the sfv files right when the file was downloaded.
In what program was that possible, FlashFXP, or a FTP-Server?

Any way, i need it on the ftp-server or if possible in flash-fxp, since i fxp to many different sites, i would have to install a external program on each site,
Btw i found a good script-site for my FTP-Program, so maby that script-creator is interested in such a feature (concerning BPFTP)
Or ill have a look at IOFTPD, looks good with lots of script etc
Originally posted by bRaNcO i just hope they implement that feature FAST
I take that as if you want that feature in Flash FXP too?
Damn, when i think of it, i guess thats hard to do, atleast in a fxp session, since the file never pass thru my computer, but maby it´s possible, if possible i hope the crew like it so much they concider use it in this great program =)

Thx for answers and interest in this issue

- Decimus
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