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Default Sort by highlighted words

It would be kind of handy to have a sort by highlighted words feature, I'll attempt to explain:

Say in Options->Filters->Highlights I have defined *debian*, *gentoo* and *gnu*.
Now, in the file list, currently, you can right click the column sort titles (the buttons on top of the actual listing) and select which columns you want to have displayed. I would like there to be another option, maybe 'Highlights' which then sorts the listbox by the highlights (in the order specified in the Filters dialog, the nice arrangement buttons are there already - for a reason ?)
I realize there is a bit of a problem there since not all of the files would be matched so not all rows would have data (the highlight masks) in them - I don't know how to sort these, maybe alphabetically ? (aka. sort precedence 1) Highlights 2) Alphabetically)

Maybe I'm a complete idiot, but I think this would make reading large listings a *lot* easier.
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