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@DYN_DaTa: Thank you for your answer.
As far I know lastest beta changelogs are public. You can find them on "Public Beta Testing" section (take a look here); but yes, "Complete Changelog" is only accesible by those who have a valid license.
I used the forum's search function - all I found was links to the complete changelog (which ist password-protected - why BTW????)
There's also a todo-list here, but don't know if it's completely updated.
Well, seems a bit out-dated

Okay, what I really need in flashfxp is a function to import ftp-sites from "Total Commander" and multi-threading (like in "Total Commander") would be very fine, too (should I open a new thread for these wishes - I guess no). Is any of that implemented in current betas? How stable are the current releases?

Any help/answers appreciated.
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