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Smile Extra FlashXP background process

Relevant details:

V. 2.1 build 924
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Windows XP

There seems to be a background process that only shows up in 2 ways:
1. The alt+tab screen (see attached image)
2. When I use a program named Taskbar Commander that allows me to reorder my taskbar application buttons (NOT the quicklaunch shortcuts, just the buttons representing open programs). In this case, after I've used this program, I have two buttons for FlashFXP, even though I've only got one instance running.

I know this seems like a very minor issue, but for me its a big annoyance because I use Taskbar Commander all the time, and everytime I do I get 2 flashfxp buttons, and I don't know which one is the correct one until I've tried them a few times (one button doesn't do anything, the other restores FlashFXP).

BTW, the problem is NOT Taskbar Commander, because the other people in the office that use FlashFXP can see the extra instance in the alt+tab screen, and none of them use Taskbar Commander.

(It may also be useful to note that there is other software that I use that shows this same behavior, namely Crazy Browser. I'm going to replace that software since I don't like it that much anyway.)

Thanks in advance for any useful comments.
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