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19. still not working for me (latest build). when I have a file test.txt and I add t?st.txt in skiplist, it works. ?est.txt doesn't work.

44. I guess I was a bit unclear the first time. I meant on fxp transfers. FlashFXP doesn't correct the transfer time on those.

46. It still skips here on alt+f4! Maybe my build isn't the latest then. It would be nice btw to have escape work in this dialog as well, to cancel.

51. Filesizes are only updated when the listing is refreshed before transferring it seems. If I queue a file that seems to be 20MB because someone is still uploading it, but transfer when he's done (then the file is say 60MB), FlashFXP will think I'm transferring a 20MB file (unless I refresh the dir listing before transferring) and set the expected transfer time accordingly.

61. Again I was unclear in my original post. I meant files that are skipped because of the File Exist Rules. Maybe make this an option though, as things like #51 may cause a file to be skipped because it seems to have a different size than it does when it's finally transferred.
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