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Thanks for the response bigstar, even if it's not on all of them

About the smooth scrolling: in windows explorer, when you hold a file/dir you're moving near the bottom of the folder list, it scrolls down. And it _keeps_ scrolling until you move your mouse up again. In FlashFXP site manager you need to keep "wiggling" your mouse around... on my system anyway.

1. But it does select it, and it does try to do a command on Parent Directory when selected! Also, if you do CTRL+A while Parent Directory is selected, then unselect a folder in the list, and then try to move everything to that folder, it doesn't work.

37. Indeed local view does, I've been using it for a long time... silly me . I guess I meant this for remote view only.

It would be very nice if SaveOnExit could be worked out btw, as you may have seen I use it a lot. Partly that's just a workaround for using multiple proxies at the same time, but I also use it for working with different "File Exists Rules" simultaneously, or retry intervals, NOOP, things like that - settings I want to make for that session, but not permanent for the site bookmark or my other sessions.
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