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That's quite an extensive list. I don't have time to comment on every single item but here's a few.

1. this is by design, you cant perform any operation on the parent directory entry.

2. disabled sites are saved in the flashfxp.ini, i suspect this is due to using SaveOnExit.

12. SaveOnExit is not in the GUI due to unexpected issues when using it.

25. this is a side effect of using SaveOnExit and it's also one of the reasons we don't recommend it, there are some other issues with it as well.

37. this is possible via the right click menu, arrange icons > by type. The local folder has an optional type column, however currently the remote view does not (due to performance issues, it's really slow)

58. the proxy msg isn't being displayed properly, i've been meaning to fix it for some time.

Can you please explain smooth scrolling as stated in #10, the list should auto scroll during a drag/drop operation
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