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Smile My Big Suggestion List - 60 points inside

Hello developers,

I'm posting here a big list of suggestions and a couple bugs I've compiled over time, but which I didn't post out of lazyness
Some of these points will have been addressed by other people before, but I didn't feel like searching the forum for each one - especially since you will probably know one immediately when you see it.
Some will make sense.
Some will not.
I just hope to contribute to an already great program

Most are small points btw. And I didn't seperate the couple bugs from the suggestions because it's often not clear to me when something is a bug, or an intended function.

I tested all on v2.2 build 935b.

Ok here goes:

1. on select all (CTRL+A), don't select "Parent Directory", even when it is already selected
2. always save site manager immediately (doesn't happen when disabling sites)
3. add the shift+right click function for remote files (to open with different viewer, do virus scan etc)
4. change the shift+right click function to ctrl or something? doesn't work now without a mouse (shift+shift+F10)
5. (inline) autocomplete in path box
6. remember directory history and fxp speed on reconnect or lose connect (esp. for when disconnected because of session timeout)
7. a queue with quick connect sites in it is useless when site has been removed from quick connect - which can happen often when using the standard quick connect history limit
8. when, after double clicking on parent directory, you double click on a directory other than the one you just left, enters the upmost directory of the two, because both get selected
9. add ability to select & move/disable multiple sites in manager simultaneously
10. add smooth scrolling when moving site in site manager, like in explorer (quite hard now if you have a big site list) - preferrably a little bit faster than explorer though
11. when double clicking on a .fqf file in explorer, flashfxp returns a "file not found" error when the path/filename contains spaces (needs quotes around %1 in registry)
12. add function to force current settings on all running sessions of flashfxp, so as not to lose them if you still have others running and you happen to close one of those before the current (only useful when SaveOnExit=1 of course). SaveOnExit should be in prefs imho btw, and so should QHistoryMax
13. queue entry fails if cwd != pwd --> happens for example when a virtual path mapping in Serv-U is changed to a link (which isn't a problem for the user, but it is for an existing queue entry)
14. when on installation you choose to save settings per user, then uninstall and set it to save shared, settings are still per user (maybe just because the user's settings dir isn't deleted when uninstalling?)
15. open/edit fails when a file in temp dir with the same name is in use
16. add function to not save settings for certain session (for when you need a completely different skiplist and behaviour for once, for example)
17. add function to change site to manual in queue for finishing queue on other pc (one that's on 24/7 for example)
18. add option to delete queue when non-temp queue file is loaded
19. entries in skiplist that start with ? don't work
20. ability to resize filters window (for long skip lists!)
21. add queue function to expand (optionally just the selected) queued dirs to make total transfer time correct (maybe just check the dirs one by one, optionally using recursive listing, to set their sizes in the queue - no need to display all the files then
22. add right clik - New File remotely (I would often use this for making .txt's and .bat's without having to search for a file to upload first)
23. remember proxy history, best would be a list of favorites, optionally dropdown list in toolbar for quick selecting, or at least aenable/disable button. Optionally add naming to proxy entries
24. set proxy & ident preference per site, in quick connect and site manager
25. only 1 temp queue is saved (might have something to do with SaveOnExit?) - happens when running 2 sessions, closing them both with queue entries left (only last one closed is saved as temp queue)
26. add Go To Target Dir in right click menu for queue entries
27. add Go To Target Dir Parent in right click menu for queue entries, for when directory doens't exist anymore, to see if it's been renamed (ok this is a bit silly)
28. F11 is missing in Help File shortcut list
29. add ALT+P for proxy tab in preferences
30. set ENTER in preferences to do "OK"
31. add auto scrolling in remote dir for moving files/folders (preferrably smooth scrolling too)
32. in site manager, don't open target group when you move a site (for when wanting to move a number of sites from 1 source group to different target groups)
33. in site manager, don't auto scroll to new location of moved site, stay where current "focus" is
34. in site manager, open group when holding site above it (to make moving to subgroups easier)
35. add function to reverse skiplist: skip all except... (for when wanting to download only txt's, nfo's for example) - goes with nr 16
36. add option not to refresh listing after making dir, renaming file etc (all with just one checkbox) - kinda makes working ftp's slower, especially with very slow or big listings
37. optional new column in local and remote listings: filetype. ability to sort by extension, recognize filetypes
38. search using recursive listing (can much faster in a lot of cases)
39. add "Back" button to toolbar. Back button on keyboard/mouse should do Back, Backspace is for Parent Dir
40. add option to turn off SYST and/or FEAT to speed up connect procedure (and to clean up the status window a bit when logging in )
41. add option to keep listing when connection lost (for when timeout on ftp is set to 1min or so, and you want to browse a big listing - can be VERY annoying)
42. queue entry fails if site is deleted from site manager/quick connect (solution: put site name as well as details in queue file, for when either gets changed/deleted)
43. add "execute locally" to remote .exe/.bat etc (should maybe need an ini setting to enable cause it's dangerous?)
44. adjust predicted transfer time when resuming (fxp) - flashfxp still things it's transferring the complete file
45. after deleting a file, a link in the listing doesn't show up as a link anymore, but as a regular folder (only tested with a Serv-U link)
46. when asked to overwrite, resume etc: alt+f4 should cancel, not skip
47. when asked to overwrite, resume etc: don't list after cancel
48. add function to add queue item manually
49. empty groups in Site Manager aren't saved - can be very annoying - would need a different way of writing sites.dat unfortunately, or at least an addition
50. ability to resize the left&right part of site manager, especially to create more room in the right hand side when site manager is full screen - especially useful for notes!
51. update filesizes in queue when actually transferring a file (SIZE command?). Cause files may be queud when still being uploaded, but transferred later
52. add resume exceptions (based on file extensions, ie. sfv usually gets screwed when resuming)
53. add copy command for custom commands, like in site manager
54. add checkbox to include current path in bookmark when saving a quick connect site - instead of the path used to connect with, if any (saves some trouble )
55. add ability to right click on queue entries in F11, see details, maybe even change them
56. add option not to close flashfxp/disconnect/shutdown etc when queue done but failed files remain - or maybe even to automatically set all failed entries to normal again, and try them 1 more time
57. add ability to add your own toolbars or buttons for functions
58. flash should still show target IP it's connecting to when connecting through proxy
59. when selecting files in queue is while transferring: list should remain focussed on same position when a directory is expanded
60. when selecting files in queue is while transferring: if the second file in selection is clicked right after a file transfer is started, the selection changes to exclude the first file (if selected from top to bottom) or include one file extra (if selected from bottom to top). To test this, make a big queue with files that are transferred in 2-3 seconds, then transfer the queue and make selections all the time
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