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it doesnt make a difference if xdupe is enable or not....dupes will still be skipped if you set your "file exists options" to "auto skip" on fxp

so basically xdupe doesnt do anything....but give out the msg

STOR blabla.r03
553- X-DUPE: blabla.rar blabla.r00 blabla.r01 blabla.r02 blabla.r03 blabla.r04
553- X-DUPE: blabla.r05 blabla.r06
553- blabla.r03: This file looks like a dupe!!
553 It was uploaded by someone ( 0m 41s ago).

it should remove thoses files it finds dupe out of the queue ...making ffxp a true xdupe supporter
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