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Sorry it has taken me this long to get back with a reply I had to go to work where I am right now and can't answer in full about the type or version of Anti-virus software I am running. I am beginning to think it may be the anti-virus software because I have duplicated my problem here at work and the Virus software brand is the same. I contacted another guy here at work to ask him if he could help and he says that he has been having similar problems here at work and at home witih FTP. No specific client just every one that he uses.

What I am running here at work is Virus Scan 7.0, Virus definitions 4298, Scan Engine 4.2.60 from October 15, 2003. I may be way off base with this Virus Scan thing but it is the only thing that is the same for me at work and at home.

I don't know what firewall is running here but I am sure it is much better than my Zone Alarm since we have about 10,000 employees and an IT department.

I do not have a router set up. I have a cable connection through an external Surfboard Modem that I can get more specific on later tonight when I get home.

Thank you MxxCon for responding anyone that can help me figure this one out and get me back into business can have some goodies from my sites and

This is a big deal for me because my web host will won't allow me to test or use my FTP unless I am online messaging them while doing so they they can monitor and I need to get this going.
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