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Who would use this? Good Question.
There are two groups that I can see using this:

1) Most College Students

Generally Dorms have an upload cap because of programs like Kazaa. This makes uploading very slow. If you use the above example this is how it works out:

serverA = FTP on dorm computer (upload restricted)
ServerB = Some FTP on the internet (download probably fast)
Computer = a computer which is connected to the dorm networks closely but is also connected to the internet and NOT CAPPED. (i.e. a computer in a computer lab)

You would not be able to install an FTP server on the lab computer and also wouldn't be able to store files on it. (due to user privilage) You could run flashfxp, however, since it doesn't require you to install it to run.

***Joker: Your suggestion of setting up an FTP on the fast connection computer would not work because the fast computer isn't yours to setup an FTP server on. (see the paragraphs directly above)

The lab computer has a "local area" connection to the dorm networks because they are on the same campus - they are essentially on the same network. The lab computer also doesn't have upload caps in place like the labs. Therefore it is the perfect "conduit" to get things from your HD in your dorm computer to a server on the internet somewhere (since EDU's have great connections generally).

I can usually get an 800 - 1000k connection going from a lab to an FTP in my dorm. Friends of mine have had similar results at campuses all over. But my upload to the outside from my dorm never goes higher than 25k. I have friends who can't get above 5k uploads. If we could use a conduit to route the file through, we could increase our speeds exponentially.

Imagine being able to get on a lab computer and upload to an FTP on the outside at whatever speed it supported, rather than just what you could get in your room. It would take minutes rather than days.

2) Some Business Users

Similar setup as above. Some business's have restrictions in place for security reasons and this would get around them while still maintaining security. Only a few computers that have total access would be needed. This would be similar to sending an entire file though a proxy. All you would need is a few computers that don't have the restrictions and also don't have anything important on them that could be hacked.

I am sure there are more situations, but mine (obviously) is the top one. I know I am not the only student that has this problem, especially in the age of kazaa and other file sharing programs.
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