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Default "Conduit" transfers between FTP Servers

Essentially FXP allows you to transfer from one FTP server to another without copying files to your hard drive.

What I want to do is transfer them from one to another USING my computer as a conduit.

Here is an example:
serverA is an FTP server
serverB is an FTP server
Computer is the computer FlashFXP is on

I connect to serverA and serverB in the two windows.

I drag a file from serverA to serverB.

FlashFXP starts downloading the file from serverA and simultaneously starts uploading it to serverB.

Essentially it is just routing the information through the Computer.

I am CERTAIN I will get the following question about this post:

"That is dumb. Why would you want to do that?"

Well, there are two situations where this would be helpful:

1) Neither FTP server supports FXP transfers. In this situation you would have to do the following:

1. Copy from serverA to Computer
2. Copy from Computer to serverB

That takes two steps, the conduit feature would take only 1 AND it would be faster because you could upload and download at the same time. Internet connections have different segments for d/l and u/l, so using them at the same time would be more efficient and the overall transfer would take less time.

2) Connection from serverA to Computer to serverB is significantly faster than connection from serverA to serverB.

Not possible you say? Oh it definetly is for me.

Imagine this: serverA has an upload cap to servers outside of the LAN. serverB is outside the LAN. Computer is on the LAN and does not have this cap to servers outside the LAN.

If you follow that situation through, you see that:

a transfer from serverA to serverB would be slower than a transfer from A to Computer to B


a transfer from serverA to serverB is subject to the upload cap and a transfer from A to Computer to B is not capped!

So that is my feature request. In this situation it would use a small amount of HD space as a variable buffer for the file, and would transfer at the speed of the slowest connection.

Workable? Maybe.
Useful? Definetly.
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