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Default Netgear DSL Modem Internet Gateway DG814

I recently moved to a area and switched internet service providers, my current provider provided me with a Netgear DSL Modem Internet Gateway DG814. Is it just me or does this router have some seriously annoying issues? (using frimware 4.8)

1. Sometimes the port forwarding rules don't seem to be applied.
2. If you set a machine as the DMZ server you can't access it internally via the WAN IP. (I could do this with my old linksys router, routing issue?)
3. If you connect to a FTP server on port 21, it (NAT) seems to conflict with the "bind socks to this address" option in FlashFXP. At first I thought issue #1 was causing the problem but then I realized non port 21 sites worked.

Can anyone recommend a suitable replacement?
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