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Um, i can see how that atleast gets the soft to run the scan, ok, but does it make it reload the item in que if its NOT a ok file? or what?

Guess im just to stuppid :- )

Not only am i stuppid, i forget a big part of the question...

What makes the software know exacly WHAT it should use for file to scan with? the SFV's do have different names i mean...

Mabey i should stick to something simple, like the ftp tool in windows commander, it does FXP and all, and SFV checking, just not on autopilot, witch is just as well, as you really cant trust total commander to keep a transfer going, it has a "somewhat" bad handling of the connection i guess...

Well, thanks for any / all help... Guess im just stoopid and cant figure it out....
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