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Oh, cool, i didn't know anyone else had done the same thing and with the same name even. When writing the spec i googled for FTP and PRET but all i found was some french language.

I have read GridFTP specs, although i'm not sure i think they have switched to
OPTS <command> <attr>
Their latest GridFTP draft mentions nothing of PRET

Anyway if this is of concern the syntax
OPTS PASV filename=<filename>
could be used.

I am not sure how likely it is for my spec to be accepted as an IETF standard, i consider it a quick and dirty protocol hack to support distributed PASV. Making it as easy as possible for client writers to add support for it. A clean implementation would involve using the EPSV EPRT commands and integrating them into any transfer command, i wrote a spec for that before writing the much simpler PRET spec

It would involve much more work for client to support both this and the older command model, whereas with PRET it's trivial fix. There are already 4 FTP clients supporting PRET: lftp, pftp, SmartFTP and Staff-FTP, see for an up to date list.

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