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What I meant is that client should only use filename when issuing stor/retr/appe/size/list/... :

It might be easier to explain this with examples:

"STOR file.tgz" would be allowed, while "STOR /directory/file.tgz" wouldn't be.


1) This does not require new commands, and some clients are already compatible with this.
2) Modification to client is minimal (no new settings etc)
3) Server may free its' resources immeaditely from ill-behaving client
4) Server can operate with clients, that are using incompatible transfer commands, by doing:

CLNT> STOR /Directory/File.tgz
SRVR> 550 '/Directory/File.tgz': Filename contains path, please re-upload file to begin transfer.
^^ Server caches working directory
SRVR> ....
^^ Server uses cached working directory to determinate which ip to return
CLNT> STOR /Directory/File.tgz
SRVR> Opening BINARY mode data connection for File.tgz.
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