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Default Need help with sFTPd connections

I/we at has just replaced our FTPd with sFTPd
FlashFXP wont connect to it, what am I doing wrong?
When I check any SSL box in the site manager->ssl I get the following:
PHP Code:
[17:26:10Connecting to Sitename
[17:26:10Connected to Sitename -> IP=*.*.*.* PORT=22
[17:28:11Connection failed (Connection lost
if I press QUIT before it times out I get:
PHP Code:
[17:29:11Connecting to Sitename
[17:29:11Connected to Sitename -> IP=*.*.*.* PORT=22
[17:29:32Protocol mismatch.
17:29:32Connection failed (Connection lost
Does FFXP not support SSH2?
Is it a server misconfiguration, tho I doubt that since it works with the open source WinSCP client.

Any help is much appreciated as I dont want to replace FFXP
If Devs needs a test account, then that can be setup aswell, just hurry and help me
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