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I have the same setup as you guys, 2 network cards on this comp, one goes to modem and other to xbox.
I am using ICS in windows xp to connect to my xbox, and it also allows my xbox to connect to the i-net for eg, listen to live radio.

I havent made any settings at all to flashfxp and it all works good.
my xbox ip is

in xbox settings follow this steps.
Setup network: Yes
Use static ip: No
save and exit.

to use ICS with winxp, go to network connections and rightclick on the network card that is connected to the i-net, and choose Properties - Advanced.
and there you will find a menu that says Internet connection sharing
and inside that you will find 2 checkboxes.
check the first one "allow other network users to connect through this computers i-net connection" check it, and its all done.
your other network card will get the ip after that.

Restart your xbox and your xbox will have a new ip and connect to that as normal with ffxp.
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