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Default Remote Fxping

I love using flash fxp to transfer files and fxp files. But this would be awsome. Say u know a user that fxps to u but how about actually picking what you want to fxp without the person really having to do anything.

Using an fxp server ran by flash fxp. An option for Remote Fxp should be added and you can actually choose which servers you want to connect and send 2 urself by using the other persons computer. Ofcorse with the use of a password and even ip verfication.

Example : My friend has access to a webserver. I dont. I connect to my freinds computer and his flash fxp screen will come up. I manually connect to my ftp from his flash fxp client and connect to the other server to fxp from. Then i do a normal fxp command except it fxps to my server. Drag which files i want.

The program can be called called remote flash fxp or could just be implemented in a future version of flash fxp. The host (the actuall computer fxping from) can view what was fxped, kick a user, add account, edit account or even go into somthing that could be called blind mode where he doesn;t need to see any of that stuff.

I got this idea when i would use a program like msn whiteboard to view the different persons computer and actually you can allow the user watching to take control of his computer this is how i would manually fxp to myself.

Need more clarification . If so post another msg.
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