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Default Lockups & Crashing 2.1 b924


I am having a problem with FlashFXP, been using it for about two years now and love it. The problem i seem to have is when i have FlashFXP open and then a few instances of IE 6.0 SP1, it will lock my system to the point where even task manager will not respond through a ctrl+alt+del i figured it was a corrupt install of Windows so i did a reinstall a few days ago and get the same problem.

When ever this has happend i have had, IE, Dreamweaver MX, FlashFXP, 2 mIRC, CloneCD tray app, EZ CD 6 try app, MSN, Trillian and Norton AV running. Some times it has caused a STOP error other times i am able to get Windows to log me off. But as it is doing this each task has to be ended as it has frozen everything.

I have narrowed it down to FlashFXP due to the fact it has been constant through out and i have closed off the other programs other then the CDR stuff that sits in the task tray. It is usually happening after i finish a file transfer to or from the FTP.

* FlashFXP v[2].[1], build [924], [Yes]registered
* OS [Yes] Win2K Pro SP4 (was doing it with SP3 also)
* Running behind NAT/router [Yes] Yes & Model [SMC Barricade SMC7004ABR]
* Running Antivirus [Yes] Yes, Name [Norton]
* Network [Yes] xDSL, [Yes] CABLE,

System Information
Machine name: DARK-WS
Operating System: Windows 2000 Professional (5.0, Build 2195) Service Pack 4
CPU: 2xIntel Pentium III FC-PGA 133mhz Bus 1000Mhz
Mainboard: Asus CUV4X-D
RAM: 1.0GB Genaric PC133 (2x512MB)
SCSI Card: Tekram DC-390U3W PCI card
Optical Storage: Plextor UltraPlex WIDE SCSI CD-Rom, Plextor 8x20 SCSI CD-R, I/O Magic DR-DVD16 16x EIDE DVD-ROM, LG Electronics 32x10x40 EIDE CD-RW
Fixed Disks: Maxtor 60GB EIDE, 27GB EIDE, Quantum 18GB Atlas 10k SCSI, 2x4GB Seagate 10, 000 RPM Cheetah 9LP SCSI
Video: ATi All-In-Wonder Radeon 8500DV 64MB
Sound: Hercules Game TheaterXP
Monitor: NEC Multisync LCD 1850E
Mouse: Microsoft Trackball Explorer 1.0
Keyboard: Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite
Network Adapter: 2xLNE100TX - EtherFast 10/100 LAN Card
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