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Default auto queue based on bookmarks

I would like to konw if the following is posible to do using custom commands:

say I have 6 sites and I would like to fxp a directory from one of them, to a preset bookmark on each of the other sites.
Currently, I have to connect to th efirst site and one of the others, go to where I want it, and queue it up beofre disconnecting and doing the same with all the others.

I would like to be able to say, select a folder on the fist site and issueing a command that would create a queue entry based on bookmarks from the other site, without having to connect to the site in question.

Seeing as the destination is always the same, should be easy to do, I had a look at the commands available to use in custom commands, but seems it would need a few strung together.

any help would be valuable.

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