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Question register&use

well, im thinking about registering.
but i have to be able to use flashfxp on my slow ADSL home PC and on my fast 100mbit work PC too. is it possible to use it on 2 PC? like while downloading somethin big that takes days to complete on my home pc (like linux distribs), going to work and the use flashfxp the to browse sites while the other 1 is downloading home? or while at work, remote managing my home pc to download other stuffs too? that may seem from a thind point of view, like 2 different ppl using 1 copy at the same time, while it's actually only me :/ does that put tha cross on the lincense agreement?

aswell, sorry for asking such a question, that i could find the answer to, if i would take my time to browse the forums :/
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