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Default Failed to load SSL DLLS. ssleay32.dll or libeay32.dll/TortoiseSVN

I found an incompatibility between FlashFXP and TortoiseSVN. TortoiseSVN loads the two SSL DLLs, too, and they remain in memory all the time. When FlashFXP tries to establish an SSL connection, it fails on loading these DLLs (perhaps they have a different version number, I did not check that).

The TortoiseSVN DLLs cannot be unloaded unless you uninstall it, which is not really a solution. So it would be fine if FlashFXP works with the DLLs that are already in memory (that is BTW the meaning of DLLs... to be only loaded once and used multiple times by different processes).

Another FTP program (I do not know if I may mention the name here) uses another DLL: SSL.dll - no idea where it comes from. But this program has no problems with TortoiseSVN.
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