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Default Script Upgrade Functionality?

Would it be feasible to build in an option to only upload files with a later modified date recursively? This would be a great way of easily upgrading to newer versions of our favorite scripts (such as forum software, for example), without having to manually pick out each changed file.

For example, let's say your script has the following directories:


You have downloaded and unzipped a newer version of that script, so you navigate to the directory that contains the new files in the local window, navigate to your current script in the remote window, highlight all files and folders in your local window, right click and select "upload changed files"

If the modified dates don't match, it'll upload the one from the local window, then do the same for all child directories automatically.

I realize that FlashFXP has a "Compare" tool, but it doesn't have the functionality that I'm asking for. If this can be built into FlashFXP, it would make it much more attractive to people who use scripts that provide upgrades on a regular basis.

Edit: Needless to say, it wouldn't be useful for FlashFXP to set the file date on the remote window to the upload date. This would make problems for future upgrades.
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