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Lightbulb Backup Facility, Threads

I've asked these questions/made this request before and I dimly remember that I got an explination, but it escapes me at the moment. I'm pretty sure it was "NO."

Are there plans for a simple backup facility to export FFXP sites/settings to a backup file? Back around the 1.2 upgrade I performed the manual/filecopy method and it (or I) didn't work so well, I ended up having a frankenstein installation that never really worked quite right until I un/re installed.

And while I realize there are very realistic and sensable reasons NOT to develop FFXP to a mutlithreaded model, are there any plans to do so? It would be really nice and if stable (big IF) would further proove that FFXP is the hands-down leader in a very competitive catagory.

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