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Okay, I Added a block of ports from 1025 to 2025 forwarded to me. If that doesnt fix it, then Fcuck. (I already consulted cerberus for help. They said forward port 21.) The Reason I ask Here for help, is because Here I see alot of people finding Client Side solutions, but Noone finding Server side Solutions, and I Would like to Not put my Clients thru any more hastle then having to click "Use Passive Mode".
Im Just running a Small Personal server/Testing server, so Im not attracting a large Unknown client base (all my clients are friends as well, save one or two I Think). I Provide an Upstart server with all the features of a Large server (scripting, database, SMTP, and Possibly Pop E-mail soon) for those who Are underpriveleged enough that they cant afford a commercial host. Many of my clients are Basically learning web design or server side scripting. a few use it to Hotlink images for forum avatars, and one friend is Using it to host an Image gallery. I Dont charge my Clients, Because I know what theyre going thru (Iv been there myself, Still am :-S) Its hard Not being able to afford to Pay for a server, let alone the tools you need to design your site, But we should Still not be Denied the right to learn Just because we cant afford the tools! (that might be a good argument in favor of piracy, in some cases..) No, I Cant really afford to run a server, but I do it anyway.
Oh well, My short post became a long rant. T'anx for any help beyond this that you can provide. If someone wants to message me and try to help me solve the problems server side, lemme know I Can set you up with an account and password and whatnot and see if we can Find a server side only solution
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