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Originally posted by palladium
A Good admin will Base a Decision of a recommended product Not only on Quality of the product, but also on the Quality of Support and Other things as well that contribute to the whole user experience. So far Im not satisfied with the Support Im getting here.

A good admin think before posting things like "[X]pirated".

whole user experience?, you mean using FlashFXP pirated copies? lol. Don't come here 'teaching' people how they should support the program when you recognize that you have (or had used) a FlashFXP pirated copy.

FlashFXP quality and its support are awesome. That's a fact.

[One minute later]

Originally posted by palladium
Shark: Also, I Say Clearly I have only used Trial/Sharewear versions, but I Do not know what version(s) my Clients are running, and I Would like All clients, regardless of what they use, to be able to access my server.
I didn`t read your last post because i was writing this one... sorry.
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