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Default Tiny li'll focus bug

hey there,
i just noticed something inconvenient but not disturbing:
running Flashfxp 2.1 build 922, registered.
If you connect to a site and then, during the connect process open the options, flashfxp restores focus to the main window as soon as it's done connecting to the site. now if your flashfxp window is bigger than the options dialog, the options dialog goes into background, but is still modal - you can't do anything in the flashfxp window.
workaround : minimize and 'restore' flashfxp via task manager or taskbar.
i'm not sure if this qualifies for it, but my girlfriend found this one while she was here, so if that free-copy-on-bugreport thing that you had going ages ago is still offered, i'd request that for her

best regards,
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