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5. FlashFXP does not support files/folders that start with a space, There are many different ftp file list formats. FlashFXP attempts to automatically handle them based on a set of rules. Depending on the ftp list format the number of spaces before a file name varies, in most cases there is only one space, however in some cases there are two or three, maybe even more. It is impossible for me at the current time to be specific enough to handle spaces in front of a name. All the ftp clients I have seen that handle spaces in front assume there is only one space, thus breaking compatiblity with ftp servers that use multiple spaces.
Hmmm... i don't understand somethin....
Well if i'm using View Raw Directory then i can see how many spaces are at the front of a folder. Sometimes there's 1 sometimes 10 spaces before. Generally a 1 space before a proper folder name is on Unix like servers and 10 spaces on NT-like. So i just need to throw away not needed spaces and i can figure where the dir name starts.
If Flash shows folder names properly using View Raw Dir then isn't it just a problem of displaying this in a listing window?

I know how to enter, rename, del such folders with space at front but wanted to make a life a little easier

DYN_DaTa - 'old method'?? Dunno what are you telling about. I hope you are not saying about (a tiresome) View Raw+Copy&Paste method.
Yeah, ok, i can make my own custom command to handle this but this command works with 'predefined' amount of spaces at the front so when there's a random number of spaces then this little 'script' executes many unusefull commands on the server.
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