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Default Bug with anonymous not saving specific password...

When a site uses the username Anonymous and a specific password and you go to it through quick connect, when you come back to call up that site later, you lose the password. It checks the anonymous box off which it should not do since what it is most likely checking is if username = anonymous, then check box and forget about it. What it needs to do is if username = anonymous and password = email address specified as default then check the box off otherwise you have something different and you cannot log back into the sites without retyping and recalling the password. Anonymous can go with any password username or not it just depends on what someones ftp server account options are. Sorry if I define a lot here but I do want to make sure that you understand precisely what I am talking about. Good work on the program I like it a lot it has a great interface and has great reliability. It is also nice to see the developer talking to his customers in a forum like this to find out what they want. The customer is always right and that is why I think the program is advancing along so well. Thanks a lot.
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