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Question Probably the stupidest question in the world......

but I gotta ask it anyways. But first a disclaimer..

I have been working on a page for my church

This is my first time at this and I really know squat about anything techie or and even less jargon so to say the least it has become quite the experiance!!

Anyways, I have done the index page in Front Page and published to the web. It seems to have taken the whole kit and kabudle right off my c-drive. I say that because I was just expecting it to "copy" it to the server and still leave me my original on my c drive.. anyways.........

I now have a gif picture that I want to add to the file on my server. It is in "my pictures".
I, for the life of me, can't figure out how to do that. MS Photodraw does not have a publish to web option and I can't seem to get flashfxp to search "my documents" for things to upload.

Am I missing something very significant here

my eyes are going buggy,

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