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Default How is FXP working in details?

Hi, All;

I am a newbie here. I read FAQ and help on flashFXP site, neither clearly stated how FXP is working in details.

After I connect to both FTP site, when I started FXP between sites, a data channel initiated between these sites? Who initiats the data channel between them by default? Will it works if my flashFXP connects to one site via active ftp and another site via passive ftp?

What is the deferent behavior between the default and the "Alternatice FXP method" What does the "downloading(no pasv)" or "uploading(pasv)" switch change the benavior of both ftp server or the flashfxp client?

If both ftp servers are behind of firewall, what port needs to be open for fxp? What about NAT, will it work?

Please help me or point me to a direction where I can find the answer.

I kept getting
"Transfer Failed!
1 File failed to transfer
Server Error, Aborted"


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