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Default Queing Files

FlashFXP v2.1 Build 924

I open a new instance of FlashFXP with a command using 'FlashFXP.exe ftp://user:pass@host:port/path'. I then connect and queue up some files (using a look account) for when the site lets me in (using leech account). While connected, I add the current site to my site list using Site/Add Current Site, then disconnect, load sitelist and change the login info (to leech) and save the site.

I then go back to FlashFXP and right click in the queue window and select Transfer. I retry the site for a while then decide to exit FlashFXP or reboot or whatever.

The next time I load FlashFXP the queues that load at the start have the site from the quick connect list instead of the site that was added to the sitelist. The logon information has reverted back to look.

Any Idea's ?
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