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Offline/In-Transfer browsing is already slated on the To-Do list, and has been something I've been pushing Charles to add for many years now. We've already got a LIST cache going, but some pretty major changes have to be made in order to browse it Offline or while in a Transfer.

Whether multi-threading will be necessary to allow In-Transfer browsing, I'm not sure. I would imagine it wouldn't, but if you are transfering many very small files you will probably notice many annoying pauses interrupting your browsing.

One of the main technical hurtles is that FlashFXP is an object oriented program. It presently needs to see the files in the remote listview in order to queue/transfer them. Changes would have to be made to have FlashFXP lose its dependancy on objects and reference arrays or hash tables from memory.

This is what I think I know about FlashFXP, I could be wrong.
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