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I have been using Cute for sometime, and recently decided to try Flash FXP
I must say I really like it, Very slick looking and working.
However theres just one suggestion I have..
(Im using the trial download for now) If you can tell me what to do for this I will deff concider registering this product.

I have gotten quite used to communicating with the Sysops at the computer mainframe where I work. Ill connect and communicate with the MSG command on cute..
I seen as place for custom commands on Flash, so I looked in the Cute and discovered that it was written like this
site Msg %[msg]
After that I can send a message to them as long as I make the rest of the command what I want to say.
Is there a sting in there or a command that will allow me to communicate with the SysOP?
A pop up box to where I can type the message?

Thank you