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Question Slow connection via cable router

Hopefully someone can help with this problem. It does NOT seem specific to FlashFXP but hopefully board member's general knowledge may be able to shed some light??

I connect to my ISP with a cable modem. My home network runs via a cable router (Belkin 4 port router). I am trying to connect to a friends FTP server but am having some difficulties. The connection completes - (in PASV mode only) but I can only get up to 8Kbps and no more ( i have a 512k connection so should expect anything up to around 80Kbps or something near there). Connections to websites seem fine and in fact browser-based FTP downloads (eg Tucows etc) zip through no problem.

I have tried messing with settings in both the FTP client and on my router but to be honest its just blind tinkering....

I am running Windows XP Pro. I believe NAT is set up on my router (hence 3 client machine son my home LAN) -- from what i had read - i was lead to believe that perhaps placing my FTP client machine in the DMZ (ie - outside the firewall) should help... and/or disabling NAT.

Suffice to say (I'm sure you will know why this is ...) DMZ made no difference at all... and disabling NAT prevented the FTP client from gettingout onto the internet at all....

Basically I seem to have this problem regardless of the FTP client I use and I'm not sure where i should be looking to fix this.... I cam here cos I tried FlashFXP *and* the forum looked generally helpful - so hopefully someone can "do their stuff" and fill me in on what I'm missing. I should also add that I know this FTP site is able to download to other clients at AT LEAST 20kbps - hencei suspect that the problem is in my router/client software config but ... where..>??

Please help!!!
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