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I've had that happened to me several times before. It never happened in Win98/WinME or Win2k. I don't even recall that happened in WinXP before I apply the SP1 patch but I'm not really sure. All I know is that this has started happening in WinXP so I just figured it's a WinXP issue.
The error.log gets to be around 180mbs big before I realize there's a ghost and I have to go to Task Manager/Processes and kill the FlashFXP.exe that's using 80%+ of the CPU time. In my old box is was quite obvious when this happened as the box got very slow, but now with the new box (P4 2.6Ghz, 1Gb RAM) I never even notice unless when I try to connect to a site and it doesn't let me on because that ghost flashfxp keep hogging the identd server.

Box specs:
Intel P4 2.6Ghz
Windows XP w/ SP1a
FlashFXP build 922 [Registered]
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