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Default No drives on ftp server


Pls. help a newbie to FlashFxp.

I have been told that Flashfxp is the best ftp program when I want to access my Xbox. It should give a much better D / U speed.

My problem is, that no matter what I do, I'm not able to see the drives on the xbox.

I have tried peer to peer with a twisted cable, and with streight cables trough my router. Both ways I get trough the password validation.... but it doesn't show any drives at the target.

I can see the drives with leechftp... but the D/U speed sucks.

I have read trough lot of faq's and the posts at this forum. All is pointing against it is related to passive mode. I have tried with and without.. (and all other different settings) but with no luck.

I'm running Flashfxp 2.1 (build 923) in a demo version. OS is winXP.

The log is pasted below here.

Connecting to 2
Connected to 2 -> IP= PORT=21
220 Please enter your login name now.
USER xbox
331 Password required for xbox.
PASS (hidden)
230 User xbox logged in , proceed.
215 UNIX Type: L8
REST 100
502 rest is not implemented.
This site may not allow file resuming
257 "/" is current directory
200 Type set to ASCII.
502 pasv is not implemented.
PORT 192,168,0,4,14,145
200 Port command ok.
LIST -al
150 Opening ASCII data connection for ls /.

Can anybody pls. try to walk me trough how the settings should be??

If anybody can supply me with any guide of how to get the highest performace they will also be highly appreciated.

Come on.. convience a newbie that FlashFxp is the best.

I just want to se my drives :-)

/ E
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