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Default Cant connect again

Running WinXP Pro, all updates installed. FlashFXP version 2.1 build 922. FTP server is Win2k Server, running IIS FTP. Network config : Firewall is smoothwall firewall, then to a speedstream DSL router.

I just threw my firewall back up and put my ftp server behind it. Im unable to connect with FlashFXP nor any other ftp clients.

Here is the log. Ive tried setting Flash to IP Masq/NAT/Non routable IP but that doesnt seem to work.

Thanks in advance, again.

WinSock 2.0
220 tendot-ra3 Microsoft FTP Service (Version 5.0).
USER leech
331 Password required for leech.
PASS (hidden)
230 User leech logged in.
215 Windows_NT version 5.0
257 "/" is current directory.
200 Type set to A.
PORT 192,168,1,15,4,187
500 Invalid PORT Command.
150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for /bin/ls.
425 Can't open data connection.
List Error
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