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Unhappy Site to Site problem: 500 'òABOR': command not understood

hi looking to get FLASHFXP so I got the eval version.

I'm trying to go site to site.

- Source machine is behind a firewall (a computer with a software firewall installed - acting like a linksys) the Destination machine is not.
- both have valid internet IP's (no nat).
- Both servers are using IIS5.0 (win2k) MSFTP and they are both configured to act like Unix (not MS-DOS).
- I setup a rule in the firewall to allow all traffic (all ports and all protocols) between the 2 machines' IP addresses.
- I'm running FlashFXP on the Source machine directly, so it is connecting to its own ftpservice.

If I don't try site to site, everything works fine, but when I go site to site I get the following:

227 Entering Passive Mode (137,103,90,19,9,84).
PORT 137,103,90,19,9,84
200 PORT command successful.
STOR conduit.bat
150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for conduit.bat.
RETR conduit.bat
426 Connection closed; transfer aborted.
226 Transfer complete.
Transfer Failed!
227 Entering Passive Mode (137,103,90,19,9,85).
LIST -al
125 Data connection already open; Transfer starting.
226 Transfer complete.
500 'òABOR': command not understood
PORT 137,103,90,19,9,87
227 Passive mode entered (65,214,35,231,81,196)
200 PORT command successful.
LIST -al
150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for /bin/ls.
226 Transfer complete.
Transfer queue completed
1 File failed to transfer

no matter what options I choose, I always get:
500 'òABOR': command not understood

the only difference bewteen the settings I've tried is that I get errors doing PORT. The Destination FTP always ends up with a 0byte file.

the goal here is to eventually use command-line and schedule this daily for FTP-to-FTP sync...
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